Securiot Honeypot

ICS SCADA Honeypot


Defending our networks and critical infrastructure from hackers!

You see it again and again - a well known, high profile organization was hacked, and the hackers was in the environment for days, weeks and even months without the organization had any ideas, that they was being breached.  
A 2018 global study based on 500 interviews conducted by The Ponemon Institute on behalf of IBM finds that the average amount of time required to identify a data breach is 197 days..”
The 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) provides valuable insight spanning across 86 countries and 41,686 incidents. 
"The time from the attacker's first action in an event chain to the initial compromise of an asset is typically measured in minutes," the 2019 DBIR report said. "Conversely, the time to discovery is more likely to be months.“   
Most well known attacks on industrial environments, had hackers in the network for at least 3+ months  

Get rid of the; “adversary was 110+ days in the environment” syndrome

Knowing that someone active is exploiting and hacking your internal Industrial systems right now, can reduce the overall impact, damage and potential loss from the incident.. 
What if  you could have a early warning on such attack...?
Even better, - what if the attacker was wasting precious time to attack a believable decoy, rather that the real infrastructure... while you gets the required time to respond and stop the attack!
Welcome to the world of  SecuriOT Honeypot

WHat's A Honeypot?

Do you have the responsibility for critical infrastructure - no deception technology like honeypots to warn you, when something out of the ordinary are happen? - then this in-house honeypot system are something you need ! 
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ICS SCADA Threat feeds

A honeypot sensor are a "fake" system, designed to let unsuspecting hackers trying to breach the information security, while recording everything to research the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) a attacker would use to take control over critical infrastructure. 

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