Mikael will speak at the SANS EMEA ICS Summit 2019

Mikael has been selected to present on his favorite topic - using Industrial honeypots.. and debunking the myths around honeypots.. We hope to see you there;

The abstract:

Using ICS/SCADA Honeypots - the right way!
Fake devices or networks (Honeypots) has been around for decades, but very few asset owners are actual using the technology. Why? The presentation will demonstrate the value of using Honey-pots in industrial networks and provide practical guidance on planning, preparing and deploying such devices. This presentation is built on 5 years of an intense working experience with deception technologies and will include a live- stage demo to inspire the attendees. This will allow attendees to consider engaging with honeypots into an arsenal of defence lines and be prepared when the bad guys knocks on the door.


Mikael Vingaard