SecuriOT is now a global distributor of our industrial honeypot solution

We're very delighted to announce the partnership with both the Swedish and Danish OT Security companies: SecuriOT - Hence the updated name of SecuriOT Honeypot

The updated solution consist of;

  • The physical unit

  • Management server for your Honeypot farm (option)

  • Log collector - to be used in closed industrial environments (option)

  • Log integration (option)

Our partnership allows us to focus on developing, and deploying innovative high interactions honeypots and industrial threat feeds.

Get in touch, we can help with;

* Planning, building and deployment of high interaction honeypots – Both IT and OT systems.

* Expert Education – both remote and on-site.

* CERT/CIRTS services – early warning, including Zero days notification service.

* Industrial Honeypot Threat feeds – collected from our large global deployed honeypot network.

Mikael Vingaard