DEFENICA - High Interaction ICS Honeypot

DEFENICA - The High Interaction ICS/SCADA Honeypot



Honeypot deployment (Internal)



Codename "defenica" - imagine a INDUSTRIAL security device, that EFFECTIVE can emulate a SCADA system, a ethernet-to-SERIAL converter and a Programmable logic controller (PLC), Remote terminal unit (RTU) and much much more.

Welcome to our newest additional in advanced deception technology - build to defend your critical infrastructure - providing alerts to your SOC / Blue Team Defenders while the attackers - falsely - thinks they are about to compromising your most critical devices!

Please contact us for further information and demo of the system.
* Gives the ‘right’ replies, when looking at MAC addresses.
  *  Gives the ‘right’ replies with NMAP, when the -O option (aka. “detect operation system”) are used
* Works with Nmap NSE scripts, like the s7-info script
* Works with e.g. PLCSCAN / Modscan and other tools
* Replies on expected ports, e.g. Moxa on port 4800 + much more ...
Benefit; each and every interaction will raise a ‘red flag’/ warning to the blue team...