Securiot Honeypot

The Benefit

The Honeypot Benefit

Via our advance deception technology, the Honeypot device will present one or more 'fake' units on the network - any interaction with the fake unit(s) will be a anomality to be investigated.
You can deploy one (or more virtual) units on the network. Based on the current build-in templates, it is easy to deploy e.g industrial virtual units like a PLC (Programmable logic controller) or Ethernet-to-serial device.

Currently more than 3500 various devices (technical profiles) can be build upon request!

Each virtual unit will present a believable ’technical profile’ - with the expected services/network ports open - as the real device, the template simulates would have – the SecuriOT honeypot can even interact with REAL ICS equipment!
A attacker would need to do many different steps to establish, it is not a real device - while each step would alert the defending team, that someone are exploiting and attacking our infrastructure.. “